Advances in Material Characterization
ASM Milwaukee Chapter
60th Annual Bergmann Seminar
"Advances in Material Characterization"

Tuesday - April 10, 2018

to 4:00pm
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Alumni Partnership Building

Seminar Abstract
The advances seen in the field of materials science would not be possible without materials characterization. Materials characterization allows engineers and scientists to study a material's atomic or microstructure. By understanding how the bulk properties of a material are influenced by its atomic structure, engineers can synthesize materials with similar properties and manipulate the atomic structures to achieve desired material properties. With more innovative material characterization capabilities comes deeper understanding of how to create materials that make the world we live in more safe and efficient.

In the full day, 60th Annual H.R. Bergmann Memorial Seminar, our presenters will share their expertise on material characterization technologies and techniques. Topics covered will include atomic probe microscopy, SEM automated particulate analysis, microanalysis, and more. The topics and presentations are geared towards engineers and technologists in design, manufacturing, product development, R&D, and quality control fields.

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