Your Input is Needed

Dear Fellow ASM Members and Enthusiasts,

I am writing a metallurgy textbook intended for technical school students – your future technicians. I need to show them the equipment we use and the things we do with it. Yes, exciting things, especially for people who haven’t seen it. And while we’re at it, let’s get your company into this locally written, nationally distributed book. Can you help?

Following is a list of items in process or completed, and equipment used to make them. They will add a lot to the “realness” of the text. If your company makes parts or uses equipment listed below, can you tell me who I should contact to get pictures? Often the Marketing or Sales people have collections of promotional and work-in-progress photos.

Let me know what you’ve got in mind by emailing me at From there I will select the exact photos, credits, and so forth. Every picture in the book will have the credit line specified by the contributor in the caption.

Thank you in advance of your help,

Jay Warner
Warner Consulting, Inc.
Racine, WI