Chapter Awards Nomination Guidelines

Calls for nominations of chapter award recipients are typically announced in March and April each year. If you would like to see a deserving person be recognized with an award, send the name of the nominee and a statement why that individual should be given an award to the current Chapter Chair, Awards Committee Chair, or any Board Member. Listed are the different types of awards and their definitions.


Service Award

Award bestowed to the member of the Chapter who has shown continued support and service to the Chapter, the materials industry and committee activities.

Hall of Fame Award

Award for outstanding achievement and recognition for local, national, or international efforts and activities.

Young Member Award

Award for outstanding achievement and service to the Chapter by a member that is under 35 years of age.

Metallurgical Engineering Assistant’s Award

Award for the metallurgical engineering assistant that has shown outstanding achievement and material analysis support, as well as advancement of materials technology through hard work and dedication. This award can be for service and contribution to the society and/or to a company.

President’s Pin

The ASM-Milwaukee Chapter President’s Award recognizes the member in the Chapter who has done such an outstanding job for the Chapter during the past year that it can be said without hesitation, “ This is the individual to be recognized.” The President’s Award is for exceptional service over and above the normal expected participation and assistance to the Chapter. It is for the member who stands head and shoulders above all others, whether that person is an officer or committee member of the ASM-Milwaukee Chapter.


Recognition from the ASM-Milwaukee Chapter for an outstanding effort at a meeting or special event that delighted the participants and went beyond the expectations of the organizers in providing a gracious and memorable experience.