ASM International Purpose

The ASM International Society is formed for the exclusive purpose of advancing and disseminating scientific,
engineering, and technical knowledge, particularly with respect to the manufacture, processing, characterization, selection, understanding, use and life-cycle of engineering materials, through education, research and the compilation and dissemination of information to serve technical and professional needs and interests and to benefit the general public.



The basic mission of ASM International is to foster the understanding and application of engineered materials by gathering, processing and dissemination of useful, reliable, technical information through forums, education, publications, and electronic media. ASM will manage its member, financial, organization and staff resources to be the leading society for engineered materials. ASM will seek to cooperate with other technical societies, when it is in the interests of ASM members. ASM is an information-sharing network of personal contacts among members. ASM will continue to nurture and develop this network through chapters, Technical Divisions, councils, committees, meetings and other forums. ASM will encourage the development of capable, well educated materials specialists. The following are key issues:



ASM will maintain the high quality of the technical content and the presentation format of all of its services by deployment of technical experts and peer mechanisms.


Technical Scope

ASM’s technical scope includes all engineered materials and their research, design, reliable manufacture, use, and economic and social impacts.


Geographic Scope

The ASM International Society will actively seek and incorporate into its various services the best available technical information on engineered materials from wherever in the world it may originate and distribute that information wherever it is needed.